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DIgital Underwater Photography Workshop - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Are Digital Underwater Cameras Expensive?
This is a yes and no answer.   Yes, you can buy a pretty decent point and shoot camera and housing for $200.00 and be quickly taking pictures underwater.  These tend to work well for taking snap shots of reefs, fish and fellow divers.   The pictures are likely to have a tinged blue, which does not seem too bad to start with.  However overtime, many people want to take better pictures, with striking content and better color.  To do this requires some additional equipment, some additional study and training to understand the principles of taking underwater photos and additional practice.  We cannot understate the practice requirement; it takes time to learn and the these workshops are designed to do just that.  

There will be set assignments and hence your dives during this course will be focused on photography skill practice and good diving skill practice for to improve your underwater shots.  Although this may seem like hard work, it’s not.  The workshops are designed to be fun and enjoyable.  Also digital cameras allow immediate feedback on your photo shots.   So you can see how you are doing and get specific advice on the features you want to improve upon. 

Why is practicing in a pool a good idea ?

Taking photo’s in a pool is not as strange as it seems.  We have a number of artificial subjects – fish, eels, rays – of varying sizes.  Hence it’s a great opportunity to practice key photo skills in a controlled environment.   We can run all three dives in a pool with good benefits.  There is nothing like learning the photography basics without worrying about currents, surge, sand and silt and the other real world challenges of the underwater realm.   We also hold open water workshops at Lake Tahoe during the summer if you want to practice your skills in deeper and more unpredictable conditions.  

Do I have to own my own Camera ?

No, we have various styles and makes of underwater cameras for rent.   If you have your own camera, that’s great – please bring it and we will help you tailor the class/assignments to your camera.  Thinking of buying a camera ?  We're here to help.  There is a bewildering choice of cameras from point and shoots to pro-DSLRs as well as systems available from the big camera names (Canon, Nikon, Olympus etc) as well as specialist underwater cameras (Sea and Sea, Sealife, Fantasea etc).  We can help you make a more informed decision on a camera that will meet your photography needs and budget.

Do I need to be a SCUBA diver?

The workshops are ideal for SCUBA divers, however it also has a lot of benefit for snorkelers.  To participate in SCUBA underwater photography you must be a PADI Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water (or have a qualifying certification from another training organization). Not certified yet? We can help with that.
Are my Instructors experienced digital UW Photographer?

Yes. Your Instructors are all experienced underwater photographers in various disciplines. Most of us have been doing uw photography for many years and have use a wide variety of film cameras, digital cameras, video cameras, lighting and accessories to improve our photos. You get the advantage of learning from our years of experience, our successes and our failures. That way you can avoid many of the mistakes we made and improve your own photos at a much increased rate and reduced expense.
How do I Sign-up?

Contact Sierra Diving Center for the next available date and location. To provide the greatest learning opportunity we do limit the size of the workshops. Call 775-825-2147 or email at and we can let you know what we have open. At that time we can go over the details, arrange rental cameras and dive equipment if needed and make payment arrangements for the sessions.

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